Newburgh Again: Gifts for your favority Santa 1965


Gifts for your favority Santa 1965

Gifts for your
favorite Santa 
Open Every Night Till 9 Thru Dec. 23rd
December 1965

Newburgh Again: Luigi’s Christmas Cheer

December 1978

Here’s to an old-fashioned holiday, sharing good times and good cheer, with lots of friends and loved ones.

Luigi’s Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge
Since 1939
Happy Holiday Season
Frank Barossi & Staff
362 Broadway

Newburgh Again: Newburgh Is A Christmas Wonderland!!

December 1965

Newburgh is a Christmas Wonderland…

Glittering with the Bright Lights of the Mid-Hudson Valley’s Leading Stores.


For the shopping trip of a life-time shop the Mid-Hudson Valley’s most famous, traditional, Christmas Shopping Area… Broadway! See for yourself why every day thousands of shoppers from every point in the Valley come to this exciting shopping area.

Newburgh Again: New York Furniture Company

The New York Furniture Company (circa 1912)
The HOME of
Artistic Furniture, Beautiful Rugs
Good Crockery, Dependable Stoves

The New York Furniture Co.

Cor. Broadway and Grand Street
Newburgh     –     –     –     –      New York

P. S.—Cash or Credit. Many Side Lines

Newburgh Again: Alex Goldberg- 30 Years In Newburgh


1912 brings the 30th anniversary of the foundation of our business in Newburgh.

30 years—It doesn’t seem so long.

30 years of earnest endeavor to build up and grow through honest merchandising. And we, like Topsy, “have growed”. As the- years rolled by, three generations of Orange and Ulster County citizens—fathers, sons and grandsons have been added to our list of well pleased and satisfied customers.

It’s a long list—If your name isn’t there we’d be pleased to have it.

An honest dollar’s worth of merchandise for your dollar; new styles as fast as the designers turn them out; every garment backed by our absolute guarantee of your satisfaction.

That is our everyday slogan and it’s good any day.

Everything that men and boys wear anywhere excepting shoes.

Boys’ suits $3.50 and up.
Men’s suits $12.00 and up.
Fur coats $16.00 and up.



Newburgh Again: Youngs & Co. Garage

Young’s & Co.

Repairing Our Specialty

circa 1912
Grand Street
Newbrugh, N.Y.

Newburgh Again: Andy Glynn’s Saloon

Illustrated and Descriptive Newburgh (1906):


142 Broadway, Newburgh.

Wines and Liquors, Fine Cigars. When you find a man who has a nickname and who puts it on his cards, shorn of dignity, you may always be sure that behind it stands one of the jolliest and best-natured fellows in the Universe. Mr. Andy Glynn is no exception to the rule and his genial personality has brought many patrons to his saloon. Mr. Glynn employs four men to attend to his patrons’ wants.

Newburgh Again: Howard & Company

Illustrated and Descriptive Newburgh (1906):


Wholesale Grocers and Coffee Roasters. Strictly up-to-date in every particular is the large grocery emporium of Howard & Company, of which the proprietors are, Messrs. G. E. Howard, H. M. Kennedy and J. C. Cubit. It was established here in 1894, by its present owners, who are representative business men of long experience in the grocery business. Their building is an immense one, covering one entire square block, opposite the Ferry House and fronting on Carpenter, Front and Ferry streets. It has four large stories and a basement, presenting in all about 38,000 square feet of floor space. The shipping facilities are perfect, as an Erie Railroad switch connects the building with the main lines. The large and increasing trade of the concern is derived mainly from the city and the country included within a radius of fifty miles from the city, this territory, being covered by five traveling men. They make specialties of canned goods, Easter Lily, and Snow Ball brands being the leaders.

Newburgh Again: Schoonmaker & Son

Illustrated and Descriptive Newburgh (1906):



According to the best obtainable information there is no other stock of Dry Goods so large in any retail store between New York and Albany. As a buying and selling organization this store ranks with the best. Probably no store in a city of the size of Newburgh in the United States sends its buyers to the New York market so often. John Schoonmaker and Son average about two buyers a day in the New York market for every business day in the year.

Newburgh Again: Jansen’s Open at New Site

Newburgh-Beacon News
September 21, 1959

TRADING POST – Boy Scout trading  post, specializing in scout clothing and equipment, is part of the newly renovated Jansen’s store at 390 Broadway. That’s salesman Burton Polhamus is behind the counter.

The newly expanded E. W. Jansen Inc. men’s clothing store is open for business at 390 Broadway in Newburgh.

About 1,000 square feet has been added to the store’s floor space, according to Maynard Davidson, company president. The expansion, in addition to providing more room for the firm’s enlarged line of men’s clothing and accessories, provides space for new sportswear department and a Boy Scout trading post.

The Jansen company has been at 388 Broadway since 1955. Its new quarters put its entrance one door away from the old address.

The clothing outfit began in 1920 as “The Four”, with a store on Water Street. Mr. Davidson, an employee since 1925, became president at the time of the Broadway move in 1955.

Salesmen are John Kerwick, Burton Polhamus, Bertram Stocks and Frank Gardner.