Newburgh Again: Alex Goldberg- 30 Years In Newburgh


1912 brings the 30th anniversary of the foundation of our business in Newburgh.

30 years—It doesn’t seem so long.

30 years of earnest endeavor to build up and grow through honest merchandising. And we, like Topsy, “have growed”. As the- years rolled by, three generations of Orange and Ulster County citizens—fathers, sons and grandsons have been added to our list of well pleased and satisfied customers.

It’s a long list—If your name isn’t there we’d be pleased to have it.

An honest dollar’s worth of merchandise for your dollar; new styles as fast as the designers turn them out; every garment backed by our absolute guarantee of your satisfaction.

That is our everyday slogan and it’s good any day.

Everything that men and boys wear anywhere excepting shoes.

Boys’ suits $3.50 and up.
Men’s suits $12.00 and up.
Fur coats $16.00 and up.



Alex Goldberg: Outfitter to men and boys

Illustrated and Descriptive Newburgh (1906):


Outfitter to men and boys, 83-85 Water street. 

Mr. Goldberg came to Newburgh from Poughkeepsie in 1881, so that this year of 1906 marks his quarto-centennial year in Newburgh. His is the largest and best equipped outfitting store in this section of the state, and is located on Newburgh’s busiest block, between Third and Fourth streets. Occupying three floors, with a modern electric elevator making easy of access every part of the building, his constantly increasing business shows that the people of Newburgh appreciate his modern business methods and square dealing. He is a merchant who believes in the efficiency of the show-window and the show-counter as silent salesmen, and the interior of his store bears evidence of this in the many feet of glass show-cases, and the tasty decorations of the same. Mr. Goldberg caters particularly to the wants of the youngsters, and the entre second floor of his building is given up to clothing, hats and furnishings for boys and children. The stock carried is very large, and includes every article of wearing apparel that man or boy can possibly wish, with one exception-shoes. This modern store is a good example of 25 years of steady growth and progress, and really mirrors the growth and progress of the city, and the surrounding towns and villages.