Newburgh Again: Jansen’s Open at New Site

Newburgh-Beacon News
September 21, 1959

TRADING POST – Boy Scout trading  post, specializing in scout clothing and equipment, is part of the newly renovated Jansen’s store at 390 Broadway. That’s salesman Burton Polhamus is behind the counter.

The newly expanded E. W. Jansen Inc. men’s clothing store is open for business at 390 Broadway in Newburgh.

About 1,000 square feet has been added to the store’s floor space, according to Maynard Davidson, company president. The expansion, in addition to providing more room for the firm’s enlarged line of men’s clothing and accessories, provides space for new sportswear department and a Boy Scout trading post.

The Jansen company has been at 388 Broadway since 1955. Its new quarters put its entrance one door away from the old address.

The clothing outfit began in 1920 as “The Four”, with a store on Water Street. Mr. Davidson, an employee since 1925, became president at the time of the Broadway move in 1955.

Salesmen are John Kerwick, Burton Polhamus, Bertram Stocks and Frank Gardner.

Newburgh Again: Brookside On The Lake Drive-In Theatre: Grand Opening May 5, 1950

Grand opening tonight FULL PAGE ad from the Newburgh News on May 5, 1950
Newburgh News: Grand opening tonight.
*** All information and images here are from , as was printed in The Newburgh News ***

Newburgh’s first drive-in theater, situated off Cochecton Turnpike just west of the city, will present its first show this evening after a year and a half of work.

The long period of preparation, necessitated by construction and weather difficulties, has resulted in facilities which make of the drive-in one of the best in this part of the country.
The sweeping surfaced ramps will accomodate 700 cars, each of which will have is own individually-controlled speaker.
The huge screen tower on the lake shore is 70 feet high. Its 2,000 square feel will present a huge image to spectators in the parked cars.
In the center of the area, just behind the projection booth, is a refreshement pavalion where members of the audience may eat and drink while continuing to watch performance. Restrooms are situated at rear of pavillion.
In the projection booth are two projectors with the most powerful arc-lamp lights of their type.
Two uniformed patrolmen will be on duty tonight- Howard Rogers and Deputy Sheriff Stephen Koran.
The area will be lighted by the soft glow lights on top of a 100-foot “moonbeam pole.”
Two-lane roads lead to and from the theater.

Crawford House (1959)

As reprinted from the Newburgh, New York 250th Celebration (July 5 thru July 12, 1959)  program book:

Headquarters of
July 6-12 {1959}     —     2:00-5:00 P.M.
The Public Is Invited     —     Tea Will Be Served
There will be  a temporary exhibit of historic materials, paintings, china and furniture, as well as those things which are in this beautiful and historic house permanently. A small but charming garden is another feature.
MISS ANNE WELLS                           MRS. FREDERICK R. SMALL
MRS. J. TOWNSEND CASSEDY                  MR. OLIVER SHIPP       
MR. and MRS. C. D. ROBINSON               MRS. CLARK SMITH       
On March 9, 1830, David Crawford was leased Lot 39 on the Glebe map for a period of 900 years. On it, he built his handsome home. This was 120 years from the settling of Newburgh by the Palatines, midway of the city’s history. Newburgh was then a village of 6,000.
The Ionic columns, the Palladian windows, front and back, and the second floor balcony under the overhanging top floor at the front are reminiscent of all gracious Georgian period homes.
The house has an interior exquisitely executed. Over-windows, doors and cornices are deeply carved. The Dolphin of the newell post is possibly the work of a Massachusetts ship figurehead carver. The doors between the two parlors repeat the carving and column motif of the Greek Revival so loved by the architects of the Georgian Period.
MR. OLIVER SHIPP, 1st Vice Pres.        MISS LUCY ALDRIDGE,  3rd Vice Pres. 
MR. CLARENCE STETSER 2nd Vice Pres.     MR. GERALD C. STOWE, 4th Vice Pres. 
MRS. M. SEYMOUR PURDY, Rec Sec’y        MISS IRENE WEGLE, Corres. Sec’y    
CRAWFORD HOUSE                           189 MONTGOMERY STREET, NEWBURGH, N.Y.

250th Celebration 1709-1959

250th Celebration
1709     ~     1959
JULY 5 thru JULY 12, 1959
~ The First Newburghers
spend their first Christmas in America. On December 25, 1708, Pastor Joshua Kockerthal leads his flock of German Palatines, jut arrived in New York City, to service at Dutch Lutheran Church, at the present corner of Broadway and Rector Street, where he is welcomed by the Rev. Justus Falconer.
350th Hudson  ~  Champlain
1609     ~     1959